Zelite Infinity AlphaRoyal Series AUS10 Knife Review

It can be difficult to find a multi-task chef knife that is not only durable but also affordable. There are many different products available in the market and that addson to the confusion while you are looking for a knife. One of the popular brands that manufacture knives is Zelite Infinity. We have received a lot of requests to review AlphaRoyal Series AUS 10 Knife from this brand. To begin with, let us tell you that this is a Japanese Knife which is designed for a long term investment. You will find a detailed review of this knife here. Go ahead and check out the details now.

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Product Summary: Zelite Infinity AlphaRoyal Series AUS10

If you are looking for a traditional Japanese Knife that is sharp and durable, then this could be the best choice that you can make. This knife is going to offer you the best possible craftsmanship at a very affordable price. Our expert chefs used this knife for the long term so that they can compile an honest review for you.

This knife is made of premium quality VG10 steel and it offers a smooth motion while you are using this knife. You can be creative with your recipes and you can invest in yourself by learning some of the cutting techniques. The knife retains its sharpness for a long time but if you are not maintaining it properly, then you might have to sharpen it frequently. The brand uses a unique process for tempering, where it uses liquid nitrogen to temper the blade. The result is a corrosion-resistant knife.

Another good thing about this knife is that the food doesn’t stick to the knife when you are using it for high-speed chopping. The knife is also dishwasher safe, but we would recommend you to clean it with your hands. You can use a soft sponge, liquid soap, and warm water to clean the knife and you are done. Ensure that you dry the knife using a soft towel.

Let us look at some of the features of this knife to give you an idea of what you are investing your money in.

Features of Zelite Infinity AlphaRoyal Series AUS10

  • Specifications –The knife has a blade length of 8 inches and it is made of Japanese steel. The knife has a razor-sharp edge, and this is the reason why it is so popular among the people.
  • Edge – The edge of the knife is very sharp and you can use it to cut meat, fish, poultry and even vegetables. A minimum slicing resistance is guaranteed with every slice that you are going to make.
  • Pattern and Material – As mentioned earlier, this knife is made of Japanese steel, and it has a beautiful Tsunami Rose Damascus Steel as the main component. The pattern is amazing, and it grabs the attention of everyone.
  • Corrosion Resistant – You need to ensure that you are using the knife properly. Cleaning is yet another part of it. After long term usage without proper care, a lot of knife starts rusting but you will be glad to know that the material that is used to design this knife is rust and corrosion-resistant. This improves the life of the knife by multiple folds.
  • Handle & Grip – Another important aspect of the knife is the handle and grip. This knife from Zelite Infinity features an ergonomic grip and you feel confident while using the knife. To add more durability and structural strength to the handle, the brand has used a triple-riveted design for the handle. This knife is also very well balanced and hence you can make precise cuts.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee–Japanese knives are known for the performance and these brands have a lot of goodwill in the market. The brand offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you are not happy with this knife, then the brand will refund all your money.

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Pros of Zelite Infinity AlphaRoyal Series AUS10

Check out some of the advantages of this knife and this will assure you that you are investing your money in the right product.

  • The handle of the knife is designed very well and there are no questions about the durability of the handle or the tang.
  • The steel is corrosion as well as stain-resistant. It is tempered in liquid nitrogen to ensure the right strength and flexibility.
  • The Damascus pattern on this knife is something that will steal your heart. You will love to showoff this Japanese Knife.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty on this knife and hence you can be assured of the quality.
  • The knife comes in a very attractive box so you feel proud of your purchase. You can also consider this as a gift for someone who loves to cook.

Cons of Zelite Infinity AlphaRoyal Series AUS10

We always believe in sharing transparent reviews with our readers. To present both sides of the coins, we are going to share some of the shortcomings of this knife. Check them out below

  • Depending on the usage, you may need to sharpen the edge frequently, and you must only use a whetstone to sharpen this knife.

Final Verdict

Talking about the final opinion for Zelite Infinity AlphaRoyal Series AUS10, it is a reliable knife. It is certainly going to be more expensive than your standard knives, but the fact is that it is a Japanese Knife. You are paying for quality, design, and tradition. If you are also looking for a good affordable Japanese knife then we would recommend this product and we assure you that you will fall in love with your purchase.

Your guests will be equally impressed because of the Damascus pattern and the knife delivers a killer performance in the kitchen. It can chop and mince almost anything that comes in its way. It is mostly going to help prepare thin slices of the food, and it is going to add perfection to your dishes.

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