Types of Japanese Knives : Complete Guide to Japanese Knife

Japanese Knife making is an art, and there are many different types of knives available in the market. They have a different shape, size, and even the material. You may get overwhelmed by looking at all these Japanese Knives at once. We thought of helping you in choosing some of the best Japanese Knife Types for yourself so that you buy the ones that are the most useful for you. We also understand that it is not practical to buy all the available Japanese Knives, so let us now check out the different types of Japanese Knifes available. Here is the list.

Chukabocho–This is an adaptation from the Chinese version of the knife that has a big rectangular blade. It is mainly used for mincing, crushing and even chopping. They are even used to chop the bones.

Deba– This knife is small and it is used for filleting the whole fish. This knife is capable of chopping thin blades. There are large versions of this knife also available.

Fuguhiki– The next knife that we are talking about is Fuguhiki and it is designed to prepare fugu fish, which is a Japanese delicacy. It is the thinner version of the sashimi knife and you need a lot of skills to use this knife.

Funayuki– This knife is used to prepare and clean the fish. A lot of fishermen used to take it with them on the boat to prepare their meal on the boat. This is how this small knife got its name.

Garasuki– It has a rectangular blade shape and it has a pointed shape. It is designed to cut through the joints of the poultry. It can also be used with other meat.


This is an all-rounder knife that can handle everything. You can use it to prepare meat, fish and even vegetable. It has a pointed tip and this makes it easy to work with the knife.


Hankotsu is used for tasks like cutting and preparing the chops. You can even cut through the bones using this knife because of its sharp profile.


This is the smaller version of Garasuki, and it is also used for poultry of small size. This is also used for filleting the fish.

Kama Usuba

This is a variation of Usaba which is small with a distinct tip. It offers high precision to the chef and it is often used decorating the prepared food.


We all need a general-purpose knife in the kitchen and this is one of those knives that is a part of Japanese tradition. It has multiple purposes, and it requires a lot of practice to use this knife.

Maguro Bocho

This knife can be as long as 1500 mm and it has a flexible blade that accommodates to the spine of the fish. It is mostly found in the markets where the fish is being sold.


This has a very distinct shape and it is designed to cut the noodles. The flat blade of the knife extends back till handle and the knife can also be used to scoop up the noodles.

Mioroshi Deba–This is yet another knife that is used to prepare fish fillet and it is a hybrid between yanagiba and Deba. It is also a very versatile knife that is found in most of the Japanese kitchen.

Mukimono– To create artistically presentable food, you need to have a knife that compliments your skills. This is mainly used for peeling and cutting the vegetables as well as fruits.

Nakiri– This is the thin version of Chukabocho but the main difference is that it is not used for meat. It is used for chopping vegetables and fruits. It resembles a compact cleaver.

Petty – You would have used pairing knives and Petty is the Japanese version of the paring knife. It is mainly used for peeling fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, you can also use it to chop the herbs.

Reito– This has a saw-like blade that is used mainly to cut through the frozen food. The edge is very sturdy and the blade profile is a lot thicker when compared to Gyuto.

Sakimaru Takohiki– In terms of the design, this knife is similar to a samurai sword. This is a combination of Takohiki and Yanagiba knife, which makes it quite a popular knife in Japan.

SantokuThis knife has a flat blade profile but with the western adaptation, the blade has got a slight curve. This is the most common knife in a Japanese household and it is more of a culture knife in Japan.

Sujihiki– Sujihiki is the slicing knife that is mainly used to slice meat. It cuts smooth because of the sharpness and it doesn’t damage the fiber of the food. This is also used to prepare Sushi.

Takohiki– Another important delicacy in Japan is an octopus and this knife is specially designed to prepare the octopus. It has a square tip, which is very helpful while preparing this delicacy.

Unagisaki Bocho–The general purpose knife can’t be used to prepare the eel and this is the knife that is used to prepare the eel. The tip is pointed enough to get through the tough skin of the eel. There are many variations available in this knife.

Usuba– This is slightly similar to Nakiri and this knife is used for slicing the vegetable. The flat blade makes it compatible with preparing the vegetables. Some chefs also use it to perform katsuramuki which is a special peeling technique.

Yanagiba– This is also known as Sashimi Knife and it has a long blade that is used to prepare sashimi. The main use of this knife is where you need a pull-cut technique for preparing fillet. This is one of the most potent traditional knives.

Yo-Deba– The last knife on our list is Yo Deba and it is the heavier version of Deba. The edge of this knife is very durable and it is also used for heavy tasks like preparing seafood and poultry.

These are the different types of Japanese Knives that are available in the market and we are sure that by now you are surprised by the kind of variety available in the market. Choose the ones you need to buy them today for everlasting quality.

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